Eat your veggies, touch your toes, punch politicians and kiss animals.

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Mt. Etna erupting in front of the moon.




URGENT: today in Russia, a terrible bill passed in the Russian parliament’s lower house that censors all things considered “gay”. It’s our local partners’ worst nightmare and we need your help. 
This vote comes off the back of two brutal anti-gay murders in Russia, and the trial of a major LGBT rights organisation today.
Tell world leaders to STOP the crackdown, add your


This really is happening, and it’s scary as hell.

“Update June 12: the situation is worsening. Russia has just passed a new anti-gay law makes it illegal even to say the word “gay”.  People in Russia standing up against the crackdown are urging All Out members to keep growing the petition to help draw the attention of world leaders and the media.”
"I touched her thigh and death smiled."
Jim Morrison (via les-nyc)

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Ahhh cuties *_*


You shall sit on a cushion of velvety moss,
Embroidered with sunbeams across and across,
And a grasshopper chorus will make you good cheer,
Or charm you with delicate lullabies, dear.
I will tap at your window some moon silvered night,
And when you lean through the jessamine light,
My fairy-swift wings I will softly unfurl,
And bear you away to my palace of pearl.
Photo credits to Joe from once upon a long time ago. My soul lives at Breitenbush eternally.

I’ll never get over how beautiful you are. 

Ana Kras’ art studio
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Selbstporträt mit an die Brust gelegten Händen (1910), Egon Schiele.


Snow melts and flash freezes into an icy downhill river. A bunch of snowbanks in Russia began to melt, then it got cold again quickly, flash-freezing into the icy river you see here.
  • Humans: *selectively breed sheep so they grow so much wool they're in danger of death from heat stroke*
  • Humans: See? They NEED to be sheared!

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